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Is sending our kids to college still a good idea?

Things are getting so nutty in colleges now a days that I wonder if sending my kids to college will do more harm than good. I want my kids to succeed in life and be happy. I don’t see hows that’s possible these days with the liberal brainwashing that is going on in universities now. 

How I View Democrats After Yesterday’s State of The Union

The Democrats looked miserable yesterday. It was a sight to see. And they showed great discomfort at hearing about good things happening to its citizens. Amazing.   Some of the things Democrats did not cheer for: Lowest Black unemployment ever recorded Lowest Hispanic unemployment ever recorded Over 2 Million Jobs created since Trump took office […]
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How to be a Social Justice Warrior 

I didn’t realize how much effort it takes to become a SJW. If you like the video please subscribe to JP’s YouTube channel at AwakenWithJP Step 1 – I ignore what you have to say Step 2 – I make huge assumptions about what you meant and then I inform you about what you meant by […]
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Justice Department to Investigate the Obama Administration

Politico 12/22/2017 Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered the Justice Department to dig into allegations in a POLITICO report that a series of potential drug prosecutions related to the pro-Iranian militant group Hezbollah were abandoned as the Obama administration pressed to strike a deal with Iran over its nuclear program. Sessions indicated that he was […]
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Recent New York City Terror Attacks

Our lax immigration policy has led to the second muslim terrorist attack in just 2 months. The latest attack was perpetrated by Akayed Ullah, who has been in the country for only for 6 years. He has been living in Brooklyn as part of a growing Muslim population in the area and has been in […]
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