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Jordan Peterson: What Kind of Job Fits You?

Really good video to watch. Shows the importance of picking the right kind of employment based on your personality type. I am going through a sort of career change at the moment myself and found this to be very helpful. Please show to anyone who is at the point in life where they are deciding […]
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Why I Am Boycotting Barnes and Noble

I have submitted my application to Barnes and Noble to partner with them as an affiliate. What this means is that if someone clicks on a link to a product on my website, I earn commission. I have been a Barnes and Noble customer for over 20 years, am a B&N member, and even have […]
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Investment Bank Brain Teaser Interview Questions

The following lists were provided by Sarah Butcher at Please check out her other articles for the ins and outs of working in the financial industry. Note that this is a UK site so any questions involving money and distance will be in pounds and meters/kilometers. JP Morgan Chase How many windows are in […]
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