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My Visit To The Russian 9/11 Memorial That No One Knows About

A few weekends ago I stopped by Bayonne, New Jersey to see the 9/11 Tear Drop Memorial donated to the U.S. by Russia a few years after the attack.  This was created by a Russian artist by the name of Zurab Tsereteli. Zurab spoke with friends and colleagues who were in NY during the attacks. He […]
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How I View Democrats After Yesterday’s State of The Union (Hint: It’s the Same Way I Viewed Them Before)

The Democrats looked miserable yesterday. It was a sight to see. And they showed great discomfort at hearing about good things happening to its citizens. Amazing.   Some of the things Democrats did not cheer for: Lowest Black unemployment ever recorded Lowest Hispanic unemployment ever recorded Over 2 Million Jobs created since Trump took office […]
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The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left – Review

Finally got a chance to read Dinesh D’Souza’s new book, The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left. It was a great read and it really helped me better understand the current behaviors of the left, including the increasingly popularity of socialism despite very visible recent examples of the misery it brings. Here is […]
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Paul Krugman Wins the Fake News Awards!

The Fake News Awards last night were outstanding. I agree with all and love the fact that Paul Krugman is #1. I’ve always suspected that he won his Nobel Prize in Economics in a box of Froot Loops. #FakeNewsAwards #BigWinner #PaulKrugman @nytimes get #TheFakey For biased propaganda #Trump will crash the #economy #MAGA #Winning #FakeNews […]
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Have you been “Shadowbanned” on Twitter?

The rumor on Twitter is that if you are blocked by @williamlegate you are likely “shadowbanned”, meaning that your reach to other users is severely limited. From Breitbart News: Following the reveal that Twitter shadow bans certain users by the Project Veritas investigative journalism team, Breitbart Tech would like to explain exactly what shadow banning is. […]
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My Top 5 Favorite Black Conservatives

  Walter Williams Let me offer you my definition of social justice: I keep what I earn and you keep what you earn. Do you disagree? Well then tell me how much of what I earn belongs to you – and why? Here’s my roadmap out of poverty: Complete high school; get a job, any […]
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Is El Salvador a “Shithole”?

Of the countries allegedly described as “shitholes” yesterday by President Trump one in particular stood out for me due to MS13 gang members that have been immigrating here from El Salvador for years. As reported by the New York Post, this gang is incredibly vicious and organized and sends a portion of their profits to gang leadership […]
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Harvey Weinstein Getting Slapped Around – Video

Hilarious. Can’t stop watching this video. That’s Oprah’s BFF though, she may get upset after she sees this…

Stephen Miller Vs Jake Tapper on Fake News CNN

Finally got a chance to watch this video from this past Sunday. Stephen Miller did a great job and let Jake Tapper know what the regular working class thinks about CNN’s coverage. Jake Tapper on the other hand, showed what a hack he is by showing the classis CNN fake news interview style which goes like […]
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How to be a Social Justice Warrior 

I didn’t realize how much effort it takes to become a SJW. If you like the video please subscribe to JP’s YouTube channel at AwakenWithJP Step 1 – I ignore what you have to say Step 2 – I make huge assumptions about what you meant and then I inform you about what you meant by […]
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