The #AOC End Game

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The #AOC End Game

I see 3 possible explanations for #AOC

  1. She’s a Republican plant who is successfully destroying the Democratic party from within.
  2. She is as dumb as a bag of rocks (or really good at faking it)
  3. A combination of one and two. She is a pawn that is getting coached/supported from elsewhere specifically to see her policies fail on the national stage. Unfortunately NYC will be the guinea pig to show the rest of the country that socialism/communism never works. And she is too stubborn to ever admit her policies fail so she will keep going full speed ahead until…..

NY is bankrupt. Good-bye public union contracts (at best, contracts will be renegotiated/redrawn. At worst, cancelled outright). This could affect even those already retired/receiving pension checks. Public unions in their current form are unsustainable. Not making drastic changes now is only avoiding the inevitable. Additionally, dragging it out will only make it more painful. We need to rip the band-aid off


But why AOC????

If I’m right about #3 above there would be a few things that would make her a good target:

  1. Young and brainwashed by liberal ideology
  2. Huge EGO. Arrogant. So much so that she will never admit she made the wrong decision about anything, even as NYC burns around her (I.E. – 25,000 Amazon Jobs lost in NYC). She (and those that think like her) will keep moving forward. Necessary to bankrupt NYC. Important to note that NYC was going to go bankrupt anyway, this is merely speeding up the process to its inevitable conclusion so that we can rebuild)
  3. Easy to manipulate. Smart enough to follow orders. Dumb enough to think she is the smartest person in every room.
  4.  Should be meme-able. (Is that a word?). Her name along is so long you are almost forced to shorten to AOC which makes for a good has tag. Attractive and charismatic but has eyes and teeth that can be exaggerated to make for good political cartoons. Enough material for fans and foes alike to make memes. (Memes are ideal because they are difficult to suppress by the social media police. I.E. Twitter, FB, etc)

The aftermath:

  • NYC to be rebuilt. Federal Government and private companies will swoop in just in time to assist.
  • Tax overhaul in NYC. Will be more aligned with Texas/Florida.
  • Free market policies proven to work on a  world stage. The young and old alike will be educated (or re-educated) about things like fiscal conservatism, common sense economics, and the importance of sound money and the gold standard.

The End Game 

If this is a success, the damage done below to the 18-34 demographic will be corrected.

18-34 Demographic Favor a "Mostly Socialist" System

18-34 Demographic Favor a “Mostly Socialist” System (Thanks to @angry_vet_ for screenshot)




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