MS13, El Salvador, and Fake Outrage

Of the countries allegedly described as “shitholes” yesterday by President Trump one in particular stood out for me due to MS13 gang members that have been immigrating here from El Salvador for years. As reported by the New York Post, this gang is incredibly vicious and organized and sends a portion of their profits to gang leadership in El Salvador.

From the NY Post yesterday:

Investigation reveals MS-13’s sophisticated power structure

Two cliques in Long Island, called “Hollywood” and “Sailors,” reported directly to gang leaders in El Salvador — and sent them the proceeds of their nefarious activities, authorities said.

“Based on the evidence acquired during this investigation, the gang also has affiliates operating around the world in places such as Mexico, Colombia, South Korea, France, Australia, Peru, Egypt, Ecuador and Cuba,” officials said.

Members agreed to kill and punish disloyal members who cooperated with law enforcement or tried to leave the gang, according to authorities.

The would also commit “ruthless acts of violence” — including murdering rivals and punishing members who didn’t follow gang protocols, officials charged.

As far as the current state of El Salvador. It was just reported that yesterday was the first day in two years without any murders.

From the Guardian:

A day without murder: no one is killed in El Salvador for first time in two years

The national civil police commissioner, Howard, Cotto said on Thursday that no murders were reported the previous day in the gang-plagued little Central American country.

The last time the country went a full day without any killings was 22 January 2015, according to records kept by the Associated Press. It also happened once in 2013 and on two days the year before that.

Killings peaked at 104 per 100,000 residents in 2015, the highest rate for any country not in open war that year.


I have 2 questions: 1) Is this the kind of immigration we want to increase in this country? 2) While not the most polite way of saying that a particular country is in shambles, was Donald Trump (if he made that statement) technically wrong?


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