How to be a Social Justice Warrior 

I didn’t realize how much effort it takes to become a SJW.

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Step 1 – I ignore what you have to say

Step 2 – I make huge assumptions about what you meant and then I inform you about what you meant by what you said.

Step 3 – I correct you. I tell you what you should think while also getting the point across that you are a terrible person.

Step 4 – I turn my caps lock key on once you try to stand up for your own free will.

Step 5 – Finally I hit you with my trump card where I trivialize your entire being into a one word label, like telling you, you’re a racist, you’re a sexist, you’re a misogynist, you’re homophobic, you’re hetero-phobic, you’re trans-phobic, you’re human phobic. I’m like a doctor handing out complex diagnoses.


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