Recent New York City Terror Attacks

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Our lax immigration policy has led to the second muslim terrorist attack in just 2 months. The latest attack was perpetrated by Akayed Ullah, who has been in the country for only for 6 years. He has been living in Brooklyn as part of a growing Muslim population in the area and has been in the country since 2011.

Ullah, 27, arrived in the US from Bangladesh on Sept. 21, 2011 on an F-4 Visa, which is for siblings of American citizens, law-enforcement sources said. He is currently a legal green-card holder, they said.

He lived with his father, mother and brother and worked as a livery driver in the city for a few years until his license lapsed in 2015, officials said. Authorities are now questioning his parents and sibling, law-enforcement sources said.

Ullah may have been recently working at a relative’s electrical company in Kensington, sources said.

The previous attacker, is Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, a 29-year-old immigrant from Uzbekistan who was living in New Jersey arrived in 2010 under the “Diversity Visa Lottery” which is supported by Democrat, Chuck Schumer.

Should we be concerned over “only” two cases? Please see the video below showing a recent protest in Times Square, New York City on December 8th (3 days before today’s attack) where Muslims in our communities are calling for the “Slaughter of Jews”.

In the video you can hear the following chants:

  1. Long live the Intifada (Rebellion)
  2. Intifada, Revolution
  3. Remember Khaybar (A battle in 629 AD in which the Jews were defeated by the Muslims)
  4. The Army of Muhammad is Returning

Due to the timing, I can’t help asking myself if this protest could have been part of the inspiration for today’s attack.

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