Why I Am Boycotting Barnes and Noble

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I have submitted my application to Barnes and Noble to partner with them as an affiliate. What this means is that if someone clicks on a link to a product on my website, I earn commission. I have been a Barnes and Noble customer for over 20 years, am a B&N member, and even have a Barclays/Barnes and Noble credit card. I felt that because of this relationship that the right thing to do would be to sign up with them out of a sense of brand loyalty.

So, I applied to their affiliate program in October. After entering my personal and financial information, average number of visitors, and summary of my site, I was told that after reviewing my website that I would be told if I was approved. I assumed they just wanted to exclude sites that had distasteful subject matter (violent or pornographic content, etc) which makes perfect sense. It was not a concern since my site consists of mainly political news and opinions with Conservative/Libertarian leanings, views shared by about half of the country.

Well, after a review of my site my application was rejected. (See below). As they knew up front the viewership numbers, the only conclusion I could come to is that I was rejected due to content. The notice below seems to imply that as well. Now, this is a BOOK STORE. You would think they would not only allow but encourage different points of views and ideas. Additionally, from a business standpoint it’s a no-brainer, they sell additional books without paying additional marketing costs.

Because of this I signed on with Amazon. It was a quick and painless process, and unlike Barnes and Noble, I did not feel like I was discriminated against because of my political views.

*Update – I have since ripped up my credit card, and let Barnes and Noble know that they have lost a loyal customer. They have responded to my message, and the reply is pretty funny because -1) it shows that my email was clearly not read (and/or understood) and – 2) shows what a low priority customer retention here appears to be.

Below is a summary of your recent request along with our response.


I was just told that my application to be a B&N marketing affiliate was…

Response By Email (XXXXXXXXX) (12/01/2017 03:26 PM)


Thank you for writing to us.

To answer your question about Barnes and Noble Affiliate Program, simply click Join the Barnes and Noble Affiliate Program. We’ll also show you some related topics that you may find helpful.
Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.


The NOOK Press Team
Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:30 pm ET

Customer By Ask a Question (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) (11/30/2017 03:41 PM)

I was just told that my application to be a B&N marketing affiliate was rejected. Therefore I will no longer support Barnes and Noble. I have been a customer and member for over 20 years. I even have a Barnes and Noble credit card. That all ends today. I can not support a company that is not open to different political points of view. It’s un-American.

Thank you,


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