Do it Yourself – Christmas Bottle Lights

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My wife is kind enough to remind me that I am not the handiest guy in the world but this was so easy even I was able to pull it off.

1. Select the bottles. If they have labels remove them beforehand (If having trouble, leave the bottle in warm soap and water for an hour or so). Try to get an extra bottle or two to practice first in case they break.img_20171125_1606043351749311596.jpg2.Gather up supplies. You will need a Lenox Diamond 1″ Grit BitEdit, Duct Tape (preferably with a rough surface to get a better grip while drilling), Sand Paper, Cut Resistant Safety GlovesEditSafety Goggles, Christmas lights with plug on one end only: I used a 20 bulb set for the wine bottle and 100 bulb Battery Operated set for the Absolute, and a Drill.    (Note: I did NOT use the proper tape. In this case do as I say, not as I do).img_20171125_1607295302040047902.jpg3. Wrap tape around the base.img_20171125_160949482841478753.jpg4. Tape the bottle to a steady surface so it will not move while you drill. img_20171125_1611377561081864961.jpg5. START DRILLING! However, you need to take it slow and steady, otherwise the bottle will break. Take your time, it took me about 15 minutes for each bottle.

6. Sand the holes. Make sure to take your time. The edges should be completely smooth so you do not cut yourself or the lights. Wash out the dust from the bottles.

7. THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Later on that night you must display your perfectly drilled and sanded bottle to your family and let them bask in your manliness. At this point your wife should find you much more attractive and your kids should love you more. img_20171125_170810322309076193.jpg8. Insert the Christmas lights and enjoy the show!



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