The left will not let any disaster go to waste – Part 2 – Puerto Rico

Similar to the tactics used during the Las Vegas massacre, the left leaning mainstream media has politicized the hardship that Puerto-Ricans are enduring after the onslaught by Hurricane Maria. Due largely in part to inferior infrastructure as a result of poor local leadership over the years, Puerto Ricans have suffered far more than other areas affected by the recent hurricanes this year.

Following the same playbook they have been using since Trump got elected, the MSM then proceeded to blame the President, coming just short of blaming him for the weather itself.

From the Washington Post:

As tone-deaf as Trump’s self-congratulations were, they reflect a much deeper problem than just a flawed communications strategy. The president’s remarks in Puerto Rico were factually wrong in ways that raise serious questions about whether he grasps the depth of the crisis — and whether he truly has a handle on the federal response.

Consider the death toll. There have been multiple public reports that the official count (now at least 34) remains artificially low due to the breakdowns of communications and public administration on the island.

The article then went on to compare the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina, where there were 1,833 fatalities. I wish I could say that the inability of the Washington Post to put these numbers in perspective is shocking, but unfortunately it is not.

The mayor of San Juan has made repeated complaints of insufficient assistance from the Federal Government during this crisis and made herself look ridiculous in the process. From apparently having enough time to order custom shirts stating “Help us we are dying” and “Nasty woman”, to complaining about insufficient assistance while sitting in front of box on top of box of aid, this is the ultimate example of poor leadership. As Red State points out, on top of all this she did not appear to make any effort to attend FEMA meetings.

Most disturbing, is the following from a Puerto Rican police officer who called into a local NY radio station stating that Puerto Rican officials (including the mayor of San Juan) were not allowing them to distribute aid to the people.

The woman – who did not provide proof of being a cop – said that she was calling from Guynabo, a municipality that borders San Juan.

Supposedly speaking through an app that took an hour and a half to download, she claimed that supplies had been piling up since Hurricane Maria hit, but were not being distributed.

‘The mayor, Carmen Yulin, is not allowing anyone to distribute,’ she said, audibly upset. ‘We need… what us Puerto Ricans need is that the US armed forces come in and distribute the aid.’ She also demanded that they ‘stop Governor Rossello,’ adding ‘It’s an abuse, it looks like Communism, on our own island’ before breaking into tears.

The officer didn’t make it clear in what capacity she worked as a cop, or how she was aware of the politicians’ motivations. But she said that they were lying that the aid could not be distributed due to licensing problems or a lack of buses.

‘There are thousands and thousands of items of food, and when people ask we cannot give anything away because Carmen Yulin says that we cannot take anything out,’ she said.

This is really incredible and if this is true, makes Carmen Yulin not only incompetent, but also selfish and cruel. (Or better yet, “nasty”).


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