The left will not let any disaster go to waste – Part 1 – Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Today we have woken up to tragic news of a Mass Shooting in Las Vegas in which over 50 people were killed and over 400 injured (the number of injured has increased from the one quoted below by Breitbart News).

A gunman reportedly opened fire on a country music concert outside the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sunday evening.

Fifty-plus people are confirmed dead and there are 200-plus reported injured. One suspect named as Stephen Paddock is confirmed dead by Joseph Lombardo, the sheriff of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Las Vegas Police have closed I-15 from Tropicana to Russell Road, and are asking people on the Strip to avoid the area. Reports indicate at least one gunman opened fire on crowds gathered for the Route 91 Harvest country music fest.

Critics of gun rights on the Left did not hesitate to use this moment to push their politics.


There are a few things that would be accomplished by stricter gun control laws

  1. Gun control does not reduce shootings. If any doubts please look up crime statistics in Chicago, one of the cities with the highest gun control laws in the country.
  2. This would limit the amount of guns that could be obtained by the “good guys”. Making guns ownership illegal would have the same effect as making murder illegal. If someone wishes to do harm, they will do so, like the nail bomb used during the Ariana Grande concert earlier this year.
  3. Efforts to enforce stricter gun laws = increased gun sales.


Thankfully, here are some voices of reason from Joy Villa and Pastor Mark Burns:


My prayers go out to everyone in Las Vegas. If you wish to donate, please see below:





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