Fake News & “Temperament”

Mediaite.com posted this hilarious video showing outtakes from MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell freaking out over what seemed like some pretty minor technical difficulties going on in the control room. It must be wonderful working with this guy. The most interesting aspect of all of this is how quick liberal “news” hosts are quick to claim that Donald Trump has a Temperament problem, Alzheimer’s, & mental health issues in general, however when confronted with what appears to be the slightest of inconveniences this happens:


Some of O’Donnell’s previous Twitter comments:

8/9/2016 – Trump’s lawyers already have an insanity plea ready to go. (They always do.)

8/10/2016 – It only takes one. One Trump supporter as mentally unstable as Trump to make good on Trump’s words about assassination.

1/11/2017 – If Trump gets dementia, how will we know?

2/22/2017 – Psychiatrists told me Trump is ‘paranoid psychiatric narcissist divorced from reality’

7/7/2017 – Trump’s father had Alzheimer’s & he brags of getting very little sleep & has trouble finding his car which is always right in front of him.

7/21/2017 – Is Trump in cognitive decline or is he just incoherent when talking about things he knows nothing about? Like his current job.

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